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Anchor Wiping Cloth offers several unqiue twists on conventional rags!

Our superior quality-control processes are second to none in the industry and we are always pushing forward. All Anchor rags are cut to wiper-size with zippers, buttons, and all other metals removed. We offer various sizes and packaging options, like our famous compressed bags and newly-introduced compressed boxes.


We can supply any size order, ranging from one box, to truck loads and beyond.


Do you have a special project and you're not sure which rag option is right for you? Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team is standing by waiting for your questions!


Why Our Rags are the Best:

  • Superior quality: Pieces in poor condition are removed.

  • Rags are cut to wiper-size, and zippers and buttons are always removed.

  • Shipped in quality boxes, compressed poly bags & brand new compressed boxes, which we introduced to the market in 2016.

  • Less expensive than rental rags or paper wipers.

  • More absorbent than paper wipers.

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