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Hermitex Cheesecloth on a Roll

Hermitex Cheesecloth on a Roll

HERMITEX® is manufactured from 100%
puried cotton bers and contains no
silicone. Its bright white, high quality,
cotton bers are low-lint and
non-abrasive, yet strong enough to
withstand industrial wiping and polishing
operations utilizing strong solvents. The
textured weave of HERMITEX® provides
more surface area for trapping
contaminants and moisture, resulting
in absorbency of more than 400 times
its dry weight in liquids.
  • Specifications

    HERMITEX® meets the following wiping cloth specications: Qualied by Performance Review Institute (PRI) to meet or exceed SAE Specication AMS 3819, Class 1, Grade A, BMS 15-5G, CLASS A SPECIFICATION.