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20420 - Toolbox® Z300 Big Grip® Bucket White Wiper

20420 - Toolbox® Z300 Big Grip® Bucket White Wiper

SKU: 20420
2 Buckets & 2 Rolls per Case
- TOOLBOX® Z300 Big Grip® Buckets are perfect for jobs outside or wet work sites as it is designed to keep your towels clean and dry both indoors and out
- Compare to WYPALL* L30 wipers
- Disposable rags work like cloth
- Ideal for all light-duty general purpose wiping
- TOOLBOX® Z300 DRC Wipers are more absorbent than airlaid wipers at same weight
- After all of the white shop rags have been used in the Big Grip® Bucket refill with item # 20421 (TOOLBOX® Z300 Refill) and reuse bucket
- Made in the USA
- *WYPALL is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.
  • Specifications

    Product Number: 20420
    Package Qty: 275 sheets/bucket
    Color: White
    Sheet Size : 10" X 12"
    Quantity Per Case : 2 buckets/case
    Case Height: 11.125
    Case Length: 18.125
    Case Width: 9.5
    Case Weight: 8
    Pallets Per Truck: 30
    Case Per Pallet TL: 80
    Case Per Pallet LTL: 80
  • Cross Reference

    Company Part Number
    WYPALL® L30