Paper Products

DRC  (Double Re-Crepe)

DRC is a cellulose based disposable wiper that provides incredible wet strength, durability, absorbency and unmatched softness on your hands and face. DRC wipers are wipers for every occasion!


Solvent Resistant WaterWeave™

WaterWeave™ is strong enough for your toughest jobs. They can be used both wet and dry. Both grades, T700 & T800, are extremely strong. They’re also low lint and latex free.

Compare WaterWeave™ to
WYPALL* X70 & X80 wipers.

*WYPALL is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.

Scrim Reinforced Wipers

Scrim is a cellulose based disposable wiper that typically has between 1 to 2 layers of tissue on either side of it to provide good absorbency and a nylon “scrim” netting in the middle of it to provide superior wet strength.


Janitorial Items

Our Towels & Tissue selection is extremely soft and made with 100% recycled fibers. We offer a full line of high quality embossed and non-bleach towel and tissue products, such as bathroom tissue, multi-fold towels, c-fold towels, single-fold towels, hard wound roll towels, center pull towels and kitchen towels!

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