Recycled Colored Wipers


Colored polo

Colored Flannel

Colored sweatshirt

Colored terry cloth

near white blend

Colored corduroy


medium mix

Colored chenille

Generally more absorbent than t-shirt material, but with slightly more bulk. Most suitable for maintenance, environmental, petroleum and many more applications.

100% cotton flannel rags are already broken in & laundered, making them highly absorbent. Good use for janitorial, general maintenance, boat cleaning, mechanics, & many other applications.

Extremely popular and low lint cotton rags. Most suitable for general maintenance, painters, mechanics, elevators and many more applications. 

These towels are constructed to withstand many heavy washes and be used with many solvents. Used largely in janitorial but can also be used for general clean up and many other applications. 

Near white usually has patterns on the material but servers a similar purpose as colored polo. Good use for general maintenance, painters, mechanics, elevators and many more applications. 

A blend of leftover materials from previous orders.

Thick and absorbent, these cloths provide great value for all grease and oil applications. Hides grime well. 

Denim material is great for all maintenance tasks where a messy or thick spill needs to be cleaned up. A value priced, strong material for general oil and grease clean up.


BoxesPoly Bag of Rags
BalesCustom Boxes
Custom Labels 


Tack Cloth 
Individual PackedBulk Packed
Tubular Knit

Cheesecloth Tack

Cheesecloth Tack on a roll 


Accordian Folded Bulk Packed 
HerimetixBeef Cloth


Paper Products 
C-Fold Towels

Multi-Fold Towels

Scrim WipersDRC Wipers
Heavy Duty Hydroknit WipersSontara Wipers
Economy WipersAirlaid Wipers
Brown Rolled TowelsToilet Tissue
Sellars ProductsPolishing Cloth


**Oil Only**Universal
**Hazardous MaterialsRock Salt
Oil DryCalcium Choride
**Socks, Rolls & Pads 


Lint Free Wipers 
Smooth Tube PolyknitLacoste Tube PolyKnit
Flat Pack Polyknit


Terry Toweling  
New Bath TowelsImport Bath Towels 
New Bar MopsImport Bar Mops 
New Hand TowelsImport Hand Towels 


Huck & Shop Towels 
Blue HuckGreen Huck
New Shop towelsImport Shop Towels


Recycled Colored Wipers 
Polo Knit

Cotton Flannel

SweatshirtTerry Cloth
CorduroyNear White Blend
ChenilleMedium Mix


Recycled White Wipers 
White Cotton FlannelWhite Sweatshirt
White Polo Knit

White Wash Cloth

White ChenilleWhite Sheeting
White Terry Towels 



New White Knit

New Ash Grey Knit

New Washed White CottonNew Dark Knit
New Cloth Diapers 


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Colored cotton from light blankets.